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Trees - Acer-Maple trees

The Acer / Maple group of trees can grow very tall. Yet there are also many types that remain small. The Acer / Maple trees can be recognized by the opposite arrangement of their palmate leaves. In addition, this variety of tree is known for its diverse autumn colors that make them very attractive.

Origin of the Acer / Maple
There are many cultivars in the Acer / Maple line. They can be found in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere from the United States to Asia. Native to Europe are the Norway Maple, the French Maple, the Italian Maple, and the Balkan maple. Only the first two varieties of Acer / Maple are known to be native to the Netherlands.

Types of Acer / Maple
There are many types of Maples, each with their own characteristics. A common Maple can grow up to 35 meters tall and has a dense, strongly branched round crown. But there are other Maples that are shrubs less than 12 meters tall with a number of small, ground level trunks. Generally speaking, Maples grow rapidly when they are young and then the growing process slows as they get older and are overtaken by other trees such as the beech.

Would you like to learn more about the different types of Acer / Maple trees? Then take a closer look at the following species of Acer / Maple: